Data download

From this page, you can download all data contained in this database, as well as source data for all versions of the analysis.

Data version

XLSX data
CSV data
Factor name dictionary

Complete database download

Complete data dump of this database can be downloaded in either XLSX, or CSV.

Factor dictionary download

Internally in ValTrendsDB, factors are represented by abbreviations rather than by human-readable multi-word names with spaces. Same representation can be fount in XLSX and CSV files linked above. To improve usefulness of ValTrendsDB data, you can download a dictionary in JSON that can be used to translate between human-readable and machine-friendly factor name representations.

Raw data download

Data in ValTrendsDB have been obtained by processing data from four sources:

Raw data have been compressed using the 7zip file archiver program which provides superiror compression ratio to archive programs that are present in operating system installations. Binary version of 7zip exists for many platforms, and can be obtained from its download page.

Color coded table with Pearson coefficients

In the analysis, the strength of relationship between relevant pairs of factors have been estimated first. Then, the existence and strength of the trend has been validated statistically using Pearson coefficients (more about the analysis can be found in Help). Color coded tables that can be downloaded from here enables a complex look at all of the assessed factor pairs. Since the tables are too large to be effectively used on a webpage, you can download them both in XLSX file format, as well as in PDF format.